Get to Know Your Community

The U.S. Census Bureau has mapping tools available to help state and local government officials, as well as community leaders, get to know their communities better and tailor their outreach efforts to encourage participation in the 2020 census.

One tool is the Response Outreach Area Mapper application, also known as ROAM. This application makes it easier to identify hard-to-count  areas and provides socioeconomic and demographic characteristic profiles of these areas using estimates from the American Community Survey. 

Another tool is the Census Engagement Navigator. This interactive, data visualization tool allows users to identify areas of the country that had high or low response rates in the 2010 census and the current demographic makeup of these neighborhoods. In addition, the City University of New York developed the Census 2020 HTC Map, which can help determine where hard-to-count communities exist in your city, based on several different criteria.